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Name:Hair Dye Tube made of pure Aluminum M11 thread with Expoxy Phenolic Inner lacquer
Raw Material:99.7 aluminum imported from Austra
Colors:customized, top 6 colors printing
Printing method:offset printing
Lead time:20~25 days
Cap:New fresh plastic material, with different design

Product Description

Product: Hair Dye Tube made of pure Aluminum M11 thread with Expoxy Phenolic Inner lacquer

With the advantageous features of being durable, light-weight and appreciated printing, the Pure Aluminum Tubes are usually used Cosmetic cream, such as Hand cream packaging, Hair dyeing packaging and Lip balm tubes; Pharmacy, such as Eye ointment; Adhesive or glue, Grease, Toothpaste, Paints, Lubricant etc.. 

Specification of Empty Aluminum Tubes:
Aluminum ingot: Aluminum≥99.7% pure
Diameter: all range various diameters as 13.5mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm, 40mm
Length: customized
Cap: Plastic screw cap,plastic octagonal cap, any customized cap, made from new plastic, never used plastic will be used
Bottom latex crimp sealant: PPG
Thread application: M7,M9,M11,M12,M15,M16
Various nozzle: membrane, open end, extended nozzle, nasal tips, ophthalmic tips, elongated for eyem ointment tube and glue tube
Tube shoulder can be customized with pattens, without extra fee
Internal coating/lacquer: it is critical to adapt the high-quality and anti-leaking epoxy phenolic with reliable and stable performance to your tubes, and also it’s key element to spray the inner coating properly, OR the coating won’t protect the products from corrosion and even leads to leakage.
Bottom sealant: it is optional and there are various sealants for the tubes, and it depends on customers’ filling

More Usage/Application of Tubes
• Creams
• Ointments
• Gels for eyes, skin, etc…
Toiletries and cosmetics
• Toothpaste
• Hair color/dye
• Shaving cream
• Cold cream
• Hand cream
• Shampoos
• Herbal cosmetics
Adhesives and rubber solutions
• Adhesives
• Cyano-acrylates
• Rubber solutions
• Lubricants
Paints and Inks
• Duplication inks
• Colour paints
• Oil Colours
• Water Colours
Food products
• Butter
• Cheese spread
• Mustard
• Honey
• Condensed milk
• Tomato Ketchup
• Jams and jellies

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